At Georgetown Fire Department, you are not just an employee – you are a member, part of a family and a team. You become a member the day you join the organization, in any capacity, and put on the GFD uniform. You will always be associated with our family and reciprocal trust, care, and respect must be maintained.

We are a family in the sense that we spend a considerable amount of time together and ‘getting along” is not an option ‘ it’s a requirement. Much like family members care for one another, we must equally show caring concern for one another and the community we serve.

Moreover, we are a team in the sense that we must always pull together to get the job done.

Our professional standards describe the philosophy of our family and our team. It is intended to communicate to existing and new members the expectations of the way members are treated in the system, expectations for individual behavior and performance, guidelines for leadership, the importance of our history and the general approach that we all use when interacting with each other.

This document is based upon the fundamental principle that our members are the foundation of this organization; therefore, the organization can be no better or stronger than its membership.

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Being a member of the Georgetown Fire Department is more than an occupation; it includes a commitment and responsibility to the public and to the other members of our family and team. This commitment must be backed with individual responsibility and accountability, and a commitment to the organizational mission, vision, goals and values.

Our professional standards are more than words ‘ they define us.

It is every member’s responsibility to learn, embrace, and apply these standards to ourselves and each other.

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