Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any sample tests for the written entrance exam?
Sample tests and other resources are typically provided by the test vendor once the company has been selected and a testing date set.

When is the CPAT test? Is there a fee?
Please refer to the hiring dates and plan on attending at least one practice session. Applicants will be allowed to waive the second orientation if they do not wish to attend. The official CPAT dates for Firefighter/Paramedic candidates are scheduled for May 12th and May 19th. There is no fee.

What is a CPAT Practice Run?
Each candidate is offered two practice runs before the final test.  If they successfully complete one of the practice runs within the allotted time of 10:20, it will count as a passing score for the CPAT and the candidate will not be required to take the final test. Each candidate is encouraged to participate in two practice runs.  Candidates who require a second practice run will be scheduled on-site after their first practice run. A test time will be scheduled, if necessary, following the second practice run, or upon notification to GFMD that the applicant is waiving his/her practice run opportunities.
For a CPAT instructional video, click here. For a CPAT  Candidate Preparation Guide, click  here. For a CPAT Orientation Guide, click here.

Are there any state or local residency requirements to apply?
There are no residency requirements.

Do I need to buy a book or study guide for the written exam?
The exam is a general aptitude test that measures basic reading, writing, and math skills. A free candidate preparation guide is usually available from the test vendor.

Will I get paid while I’m in the Academy?
Yes, GFMD academy students are considered full-time employees and receive pay with benefits.

How can I find out if a medical condition will disqualify me from being hired?
Medical evaluations are conducted at the end of the employment process for those who receive a conditional offer of hire. Applicants must meet the requirements set forth in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1582, Latest Edition, and Standard on Comprehensive Occupational medical program for Fire Departments. You can view the standard here:

I’ve got more questions, who can I contact?
Questions regarding the hiring process may be directed to Elliott Harper in Human Resources at


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