Workplace diversity encompasses and goes beyond the traditional concept of equal employment opportunity. The concept of diversity fosters appreciation of differing cultural and social backgrounds, skills, family structures, educational levels and ages. A diverse workforce can ensure that an organization makes the fullest use of the backgrounds, skills and talents of its employees.

As we serve the city, we should be mindful that it is important to treat each other in a respectful and professional manner. By working together in a spirit of tolerance and understanding, we are best able to advance the effectiveness of selflessly serving the community we love.

With your help, we can maintain an inclusive environment that recognizes individual differences and promotes an exemplary workplace. A diverse work force allows an organization to realize its full potential. The organization benefits from the creativity and innovation that result when people who have different experiences, perspectives and cultures work together.

As we work together, we demonstrate fairness, cooperation and respect amongst our workforce.

Each employee is valued and has an opportunity to contribute fully to the accomplishment of our mission.


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