Our Purpose

Our purpose can be simply defined as people helping people.

We have chosen to protect and serve the community. It is our goal to ‘live’ our mission statement and this goal is reinforced through our declaration of ideals.

Our vision statement helps define the direction that our organization is traveling and our motto reinforces our role as public servants.

Our Mission

To protect our community and surrounding region by providing prompt, professional, and caring services through continuous education, preparation, and community engagement.

Our Vision

To be widely know as an internationally accredited organization that always focuses on those we serve.

Our Values


Taking pride without arrogance
… By honoring those that served before us and by striving for excellence in all we do.


Doing our best with a sense of responsibility and pursuing a higher value through change and innovation.


Embracing individual differences while appreciating the value of each person. Take ownership of our individual and collective actions in the community.


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