Hiring Process

  1. Application: Complete the City of Georgetown online application. Applicants must have a valid email address to apply.
  2. Entrance Exam: Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be allowed to take the written entrance exam. The written exam is designed to measure work behaviors, skills, and abilities important to becoming a firefighter. Even though questions on the test are occasionally placed in a firefighting context, you are not required to have prior knowledge about the fire service. Firefighter/Paramedic candidates must attend either the May 12th or May 19th test date.
  3. Candidate Physical Ability Test© (CPAT) (Pass/Fail): The Candidate Physical Ability Test© (CPAT) is an obstacle course that consists of eight occupational related events. All applicants must pass the CPAT with GFMD. You must plan on attending at least one practice date and CPAT final. Please contact us if you seek a waiver for a recently completed CPAT. For a CPAT instructional video, click here. For a CPAT  Candidate Preparation Guide, click  here. For a CPAT Orientation Guide, click here.
  4. Structured Oral Interview: Candidates will also be required to participate in a Structured Interview Process. The SIP is an interview process consisting of a series of hypothetical situations, followed by questions that assess the skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics necessary for successful performance as an entry-level firefighter.
  5. Military Points: Applicants who qualify for Military points will have five bonus points added to their composite test score. To qualify for military points, a candidate must have been Honorably Discharged and submit a DD214 demonstrating at least 180 days of Active Duty Status. No other discharge status will be accepted.
  6. Initial Ranked List: An applicant’s written test score, plus military points (if applicable), will determine his/her place on the Initial Ranked List.
  7. Qualifying candidates will participate in an Oral Board Interview and an interview with the Fire Chief.
  8. Conditional Offer to Hire: Individuals receiving a conditional offer to hire must successfully complete several additional employment process components including but not limited to a background investigation, psychological assessment, drug screening, and medical examination.



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