Hiring Dates

THE APPLICATION PERIOD for hiring Firefighter/Paramedic,
and/or Firefighter EMT-B candidates IS NOW CLOSED.

Applicant must be certified as a Paramedic, Firefighter/Paramedic, or Firefighter/EMT-B at the time of written exam and obtain Texas Department of State Health Services Paramedic Certification by date of offer and, in the case of Firefighter/EMT-B Candidates, acceptance and signature of a pre-employment agreement to obtain Paramedic certification through the Texas Department of State Health Services at a time that is convenient for the City and/or for the purposes of improving operational services. The location and duration of the paramedic shall be stipulated at the convenience of the City. Candidate must complete and pass any and all entrance exam requirements to continue employment.

Dates for testing are below. Candidates will need to attend at least one practice CPAT, written test and CPAT final. You can contact us for more details and/or to request a CPAT waiver (only valid if you can provide proof of recently completing the CPAT).

 Important Dates for Firefighter/Paramedic Candidates

Oct. 29, 2018                                Application Period Ends

Sep. 22, 2018                                CPAT Orientation #1, 8am-5pm

Oct. 6, 2018                                   CPAT Orientation #2, 8am-5pm

Oct. 13, 2018                                 CPAT Timed Practice #1, 8am-5pm

Nov. 3, 2018                                  Written Test – Group 1

Nov. 3, 2018                                  CPAT Timed Practice#2, 8am-5pm

                Nov. 4, 2018                                   CPAT Timed Practice#3, 8am-5pm

Nov. 17, 2018                                 Written Test – Group 2

Nov. 17, 2018                                 CPAT Final

Jan. 2019                                        Hire Date/Academy Starts


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