Our Purpose

Our purpose can be simply defined as people helping people.

We have chosen to protect and serve the community. It is our goal to “live” our mission statement and this goal is reinforced through our declaration of ideals.

Our vision statement helps define the direction that our organization is traveling and our motto reinforces our role as public servants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare, prevent, protect and provide caring service to the City of Georgetown and surrounding region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier emergency service provider that is best known as a caring service provider.

Declaration of Ideals

Prepare ourselves through continued training to improve the safety and efficiency of the community and ourselves – everyone goes home mentality.

Prevent emergencies, whenever possible, through public education, inspection, community advocacy, and enforcement.

Protect the community from all hazards that exist and promote community preparedness.

Provide caring service that is indiscriminate and genuine – we do not disqualify others because of our professional qualifications. We demonstrate professional actions and attitude within the station and the community – we are fire/medical service professionals 24/7.

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